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About Us

AstraZeneca Medical is a key medical and scientific information partner serving a variety of healthcare professionals. We compile, collate, and disseminate accurate and timely information about AstraZeneca products. Our services support the appropriate use of AstraZeneca products, by providing the information necessary to make informed clinical decisions.

Created by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals

Our team is staffed by scientifically trained experts, including PharmDs and life science PhDs. We have diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences in a variety of therapeutic areas, giving us a keen ability to provide scientific information about AstraZeneca products and the therapy areas they address. Our clinical and scientific expertise include:

Evaluating scientific literature

Reviewing promotional materials for accuracy

Creating and reviewing scientific content

Communicating scientific information

The AstraZeneca Medical Information Department creates and maintains scientific response documents to answer inquiries from healthcare professionals related to our products. These documents provide a concise summary of clinical data from the published literature and in some cases may also include unpublished data. Medical Information team members conduct literature searches to periodically review and update each scientific response document to ensure the content is current and accurate.